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Adarane Charitable trust a non-profit organization established in 2005 at Bangalore with a Mission reach the lives of the downtrodden children irrespective of their Religion, Caste & Community and to work towards the up-liftment of those children. The Adarane serves towards the establishment of the rights of the children. Provide them Shelter, Food and Proper Education. Education is the major activity of the trust in addition to this; systematic empowerment of the rural communities particularly the women is also a key area of ADARANE.

From 2008, Adarane is focusing on the children whose parents are affected with HIV+ and unable to provide them CARE and LOVE. We adopt these inspired children and provide them shelter, food and proper education. At present we have four such children at our children’s home with a new hope, life and future.

Concerned by the affliction of children on street and child laborers, the research initiated an action plan towards education of children in crisis. Thus, Adarane as a small Endeavour for reducing the pains of deprived children came to existence in 2005 and was formally registered as a charitable trust in the year 2011.

The mission began in a small room of 10x15 ft with 20 children in the year 2005. It began with empty hands with no funds or any form of resource. All that was available was the courage & commitment to perseverance.


To Establish and set up Orphanages, Education centers and homes for aged. For all the needy, destitute, under privileged and the depressed people irrespective of religion, caste & Community. To establish training and rehabilitation centers for under privileged children.